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Clerk of Works

Site quality inspection beyond standard requirements

Our Clerk of Works carry out quality-control site inspections on a variety of new-build and refurbishment projects, from multimillion pound regeneration schemes to educational premises and commercial properties. Our teams include professionally qualified inspectors and well-respected members of the Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate.

Our inspections and unique quality-control procedures go beyond checking compliance with standard requirements, and extend to continually monitoring quality and progress. From drawing and specification reviews, to on-site quality control and carrying out tests to verify works and coordinating with our aftercare teams, our procedures ensure projects are successfully concluded.

Our collaborative team-working aims to build successful partnerships with our clients and their contractors by:

  • Ensuring site inspectors liaise closely with our clients and our own in-house Employer’s Agents where applicable
  • Ensuring that works on-site are compliant with legislative standards, or funding requirements
  • Carrying out comprehensive drawing and specification reviews to avoid conflicts in design
  • Developing our unique quality control and inspection systems
  • Continually monitoring quality and progress on the site through regular site visits and by providing regular site inspection reports. This enables us to advise on all aspects of the works in progress and promptly bring any concerns to our client’s attention
  • Advising on workmanship disputes and undertaking snagging and re-inspections prior to completion, ensuring a quality product is produced
  • Carrying out and overseeing tests to verify that the works meet specified requirements
  • Carrying out home demonstrations to new residents to ensure they are familiar with how their home operates

For further details, contact:

Philip Smith
BSc (Hons) PGDipSurv MRICS
Associate Director

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Clerk of Works

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