Rund Partnership | Services
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Our professional teams provide a multi-disciplined surveying, property and construction consultancy service from our offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Southampton.

Fulfilling the unique needs of every client

No one project is the same, and every project requires a tailored approach. Rund Partnership provides each client a unique service, matched to their requirements. Our approach is flexible, agile and responsive to deliver the best solution for our clients and a high quality property and construction solution.

The success of every project demands a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team.

Building Consultancy

Our building surveying and design knowledge can be tailored to suit the requirements of every client.

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Project Management and Employer’s Agent

The success of every project demands effective management, including the assessment and management of risk.

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Cost Consultancy

Our expert cost consultants assist our clients from the initial feasibility stage through to project completion.

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Clerk of Works

Our unique quality control procedures go beyond standard requirements, and extend to continually monitoring quality and progress.

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Health and Safety

Our health and safety advisors make certain our clients adopt an effective approach to safety, compliance and risk management.

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Our advisors provide practical solutions and offer trusted guidance on sustainable improving the built environment.

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