Rund Partnership | Residential
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The success of every project demands a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team. In every sector, we provide the highest quality surveying and construction consultancy service by ensuring the right people, with the skills and experience are matched to the demands of each sector.

Delivering the most appropriate solutions

With all the current day challenges in the residential sector, especially in affordable housing, you can draw upon Rund’s 30 years’ experience to meet these challenges head on.

You can rely on our proven experience and trusted team from finding land and exploring a scheme’s feasibility, to procurement, cost consultancy and project management through to on-site quality inspection and effective aftercare.

The latest thinking to deliver the most appropriate residential solutions requires a collaborative approach and a positive project team. Through our openness, honesty and partnership, together we can meet today’s challenges, deliver more homes and improve the lives of the those in the communities where we all work.

“Rund Partnership have consistently added value to our developments by the skilful and timely application of their knowledge”