Rund Partnership | Healthcare
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The success of every project demands a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team. In every sector, we provide the highest quality surveying and construction consultancy service by ensuring the right people, with the skills and experience are matched to the demands of each sector.

Ensuring minimal disruption in your live environments

The diversity of property in the healthcare sector and complexity of the everyday environments requires a multifaceted approach.

Through our extensive knowledge and healthcare experience, we have undertaken projects for health authorities, trusts and private providers across a wide range of property types and live environments.

Our proven management and procedures, delivers effective property, construction and refurbishment solutions. Ensuring minimal disruption and the continuation of the vital services delivered by all healthcare providers is just one way that we meet the highest standards in a complex sector.

“Rund Partnership have consistently added value to our developments by the skilful and timely application of their knowledge”