Rund Partnership | Education
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The success of every project demands a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team. In every sector, we provide the highest quality surveying and construction consultancy service by ensuring the right people, with the skills and experience are matched to the demands of each sector.

Maximising funding and creating inspirational environments

Learning environments should be a credit to you, and not a hindrance to your teaching staff, students or visitors. Buildings in the education sector should serve the shared vision to inspire, from early years to university education.

Our multi-discipline teams can maximise available funding and lead and manage your new-build and extension projects through to your refurbishment and improvement programmes.

We have the experience and knowledge, to ensure all works are carried out in a safe and efficient way, to ensure construction works to do not adversely impact teaching environments and facilities remain in use.

“Rund Partnership have consistently added value to our developments by the skilful and timely application of their knowledge”