Rund Partnership | Commercial
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The success of every project demands a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team. In every sector, we provide the highest quality surveying and construction consultancy service by ensuring the right people, with the skills and experience are matched to the demands of each sector.

Built assets that work efficiently

Making your built assets work efficiently for you, your clients and end users is where our experts excel.

Our team is on hand to maximise the value of the asset and manage all aspects of your commercial property portfolio, from new-build, fit-out and refurbishment projects, to maintenance, relocations and rationalisation.

For government departments, local authorities, developers, pension funds, financial institutions and other commercial property holders, our multi-discipline teams manage all aspects of a commission from concept to completion and ongoing property management solutions. Our team also have extensive experience in mixed-use schemes, where commercial space is integral to a scheme’s success.

“Rund Partnership have consistently added value to our developments by the skilful and timely application of their knowledge”