Rund Partnership | Sectors
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In every sector, we provide the highest quality surveying and construction consultancy service by ensuring the right people, with the skills and experience are matched to the demands of each sector.

The skills and experience to meet any demand

By focusing our business on the arts & leisure, education, commercial, healthcare and residential sectors, we create value for our clients through our teams of experienced industry professionals. Through forging successful partnerships, gaining trust and exceeding expectations clients can rely on Rund Partnership to have the skills and experience to meet any surveying or construction consultancy demand.

“Speed of response and willingness to assist in anyway”

Arts and Leisure

Supporting clients in delivering and maximising the potential of both their new build and refurbishment projects.

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Our team is on hand to maximise the value of your built asset and manage all aspects of your commercial property portfolio.

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Working for you to ensure all works are carried out safely and efficiently, and managing construction programmes to not adversely impact teaching environments.

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Our proven management and procedures, delivers effective solutions across a range of property types and live environments.

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The latest thinking to deliver the most appropriate residential solutions requires a collaborative approach and a positive project team.

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About Rund

Clients benefit from our technically skilled and knowledgeable teams in delivering projects to the highest standards.

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