Rund Partnership | Rund appointed as clerk of works of the First Development Site, Aylesbury Estate South London
Rund Partnership is appointed as clerk of work of the First Development Site, which forms part of the Aylesbury Estate - one of the UK's largest regeneration schemes
First Development Site, Aylesbury Estate, Rund Partnership, Clerk of Works, Notting Hill Genesis, Southwark Council, South East London
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Rund appointed on the First Development Site on Aylesbury Estate

Rund Partnership is proud to be appointed as clerk of works on the First Development Site (FDS), which forms part of the Aylesbury Estate – one of the largest regeneration schemes in the UK.

The development of the Aylesbury Estate, in South East London, is a partnership between Notting Hill Genesis and Southwark Council with a strong emphasis on ensuring that the local resident’s needs are met throughout the project. The project aims to build more than just new homes – it aims to help develop the area, in its entirety, for the benefit of all those who live and work in and around it, providing a prosperous, diverse area. The Creation Trust, a charity dedicated to making sure that the residents living on the Aylesbury Estate receive the benefits of the regeneration, provides invaluable feedback and support for the scheme.

The programme proposes to deliver approximately 3,500 new homes, across a range of tenure and ownership options that are attractive and affordable for local residents and new people looking to move into the area, together with improving transport links, public open spaces, healthcare and community facilities and providing employment opportunities with new retail and workspace units. The vast project is to be constructed over four phases, spanning across 20 years.

The First Development Site (FDS), located to the south-west corner of the Aylesbury neighbourhood, is split into three contracts, with Rund Partnership appointed as clerk of works on FDS Contract A, which is delivering 222 mixed tenure homes for social rent, private sale and shared ownership. The build is of reinforced concrete frame and traditional construction, with units above the third floor installed with sprinkler systems. Rund’s commitment to delivering its renowned clerk of works services aims to ensure the highest levels of quality in construction are met and we look forward to working with Notting Hill Genesis and Southwark Council on this exciting development.

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