Rund Partnership | Winterton Square, Horsham
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Winterton Square, Horsham

Long-term client, Saxon Weald, appointed Rund Partnership as Employer’s Agent and Principal Designer on its Winterton Square project in Horsham, West Sussex.

The project came with several challenges, as it involved the large-scale redevelopment of a site, with the demolition of 27 sheltered housing units and creation of 65 new one and two-bedroom homes. In its initial planning stages, residents and councillors raised concerns around the density of the proposed development in a confined site, as well as the impact it would have on local infrastructure and traffic and parking conditions. As a result, the original scheme was rejected.

As part of our scope of service, Rund attended various consultation meetings with local councillors and residents to discuss their concerns. We also co-ordinated the development of the designs with the architect and contractor, ensuring that programme and costs were controlled in line with Saxon Weald’s objectives. A revised scheme was created and subsequently approved.

To accelerate project delivery, we also suggested early contractor engagement in the design and build process. We met with various framework contractors in the early project stages, gauging their advice on buildability, sequencing, construction risk and cost implications. We were then able to carry out a negotiated tender process, ensuring Saxon Weald was getting the best value for money, with a contractor that could deliver the scheme within the budget requirements and overall project objectives. We also worked closely with the project team to provide value engineering advice – this involved assessing different design and material options, ensuring optimal results and best value for money.

The project was a resounding success, with all works completed on time and on budget. Winterton Square is now a sought-after residential area, featuring a stunning collection of modern homes, comprising 27 market rent apartments, 20 affordable rent apartments and 18 shared ownership units.


Saxon Weald


Employer’s Agent and Principal Designer


22nd May 2020