Rund Partnership | Wellesley, Aldershot
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Wellesley, Aldershot

Wellesley, delivered by Grainger Plc, is an exciting 255-hectare development of the former Aldershot Garrison site. Overall the scheme provides 3,850 new homes, new schools and local amenities including extensive green spaces, sports & community facilities.

Planning consent was granted in October 2015, with the first phase delivering 228 new homes, including 35% affordable. The phases currently on site are delivering 277 units (Wellesley B1 and B2), 454 units (Wellesley B3 and B4) and 116 units (Wellesley, McGrigor). Of these 847 new mixed tenure homes, 297 are affordable.

Rund Partnership has been appointed on this significant development as Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works since the first phase and our appointment continues on further phases to date.

The history of Wellesley can be traced back to the 1850s, including the construction of the Cambridge Military Hospital in 1875. The development also includes the refurbishment of six listed buildings, including the Cambridge Military Hospital and provision of a Heritage Trail.


Grainger Plc


Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works


22nd December 2019