Rund Partnership | Victoria Quarter, New Barnet
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Victoria Quarter, New Barnet

One Housing Group has engaged the services of Rund Partnership as employer’s agent, quantity surveyor and principal designer in relation to the redevelopment of a large former gas works site in New Barnet, North London.

This project includes the development of 305 residential units, 116 sqm of retail floor space and 558 sqm of flexible commercial floorspace along with the creation of public open space.

This brownfield site on the outskirts of London hosts a range of complex issues; located close to a rail line, the project involves service diversions, diversion of a culverted watercourse, treatment of Japanese Knotweed and extensive site remediation.

Our employer’s agents are working alongside One Housing Group to oversee and manage this scheme, ensuring that a successful procurement and risk management strategy is implemented.


One Housing Group


Employer’s Agent, Quantity Surveyor and Principal Designer


29th June 2017