Rund Partnership | Victoria Quarter, New Barnet, North London
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Victoria Quarter, New Barnet, North London

One Housing Group has engaged Rund’s services as Employer’s Agent, Quantity Surveyor and Principal Designer for a major redevelopment project in London, involving a former gas works site.

The project, known as Victoria Quarter, originally involved the delivery of 305 residential units. However as part of our added value service, we worked with the design team to optimise the site and increase its value – successfully achieving consent for 378 homes in total. The development will also feature 116 sqm of retail floor space, 558 sqm of flexible commercial floorspace and newly created public open space.

The brownfield site hosts a range of complex issues. At the beginning of the project, there was significant contamination on site, owing to its previous industrial usage, so our initial work involved close management of the remediation the site.

The site also had invasive Japanese Knotweed growing throughout, posing structural issues for the new buildings. We helped eradicate this by ensuring treatment works were successful and guarantees for its removal were in place.

We devised a detailed strategy to divert a conflicting gas pipe which originally ran through the middle of the site. In addition, the site featured a cultivated watercourse underneath which was at risk from pollution from previous contamination. To resolve this, we provided thorough advice on environmental insurance policies, reviewing plans to ensure a new diverted culvert tunnel was lined with a correct materials to prevent any leakages.

We are also providing an added value service through key stakeholder management with multiple parties. A National Grid depot is located to the north of the site, with its only access directly through the middle of the construction site. We facilitated negotiations and ensured 24-hour access was sustained. We also undertook internal stakeholder engagement with One Housing Group’s various work streams, setting up workshops to ensure all works closely aligned with the client’s specifications.


One Housing Group


Employer’s Agent, Quantity Surveyor and Principal Designer


14th October 2017