Rund Partnership | Velmore Estate Regeneration
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Velmore Estate Regeneration

Rund Partnership was appointed as Employer’s Agent by First Wessex to project manage the demolition of 100 existing homes on the Velmore Estate and the development of 189 affordable rented units.

We worked closely with the Residents Association, carrying out extensive consultation together with the landlord, and successfully managed a complex decant programme for existing dwelling residents, many of whom are elderly. A balance was found between the contractual obligations placed on the contractors and the specific needs of the residents, including the right to stay on the estate.

At no additional cost to the client we also applied for planning permission on behalf of the local community group to demolish garages and design allotments. The food grown here was to be sold in the community café and is being used as a scheme to help long term unemployed back to work.

The Velmore regeneration scheme was also nominated for the South East Local Authority Building Control Awards.


First Wessex


Employer's Agent, CDM Co-ordinator and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor


11th September 2017