Rund Partnership | Southampton General Hospital
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Southampton General Hospital

Rund Partnership was appointed to specify and oversee the replacement of the inner and outer lobby doorsets to the main entrance to the hospital. Both existing doorsets were fully automatic sliding doors with sidescreens.  Some consideration was given to alternative types of automatic doors, but ultimately similar new doors were decided upon. The use of the hospitals entrance foyer as a shopping mall required the full width of the foyer to be available for emergency evacuation with the result that the side panels had to be designed to manually break out in the direction of escape.

The design of the doors and sidescreens was straightforward although the installation itself had to be carried out overnight over a series of consecutive nights. This overnight work involved the Trust providing an alternative entrance into the building and erecting temporary lighting to illuminate the new access.The work had been specified to comply with the hospital’s own safety requirements which were much more stringent than those laid down in BS 7036.


Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust - Estates and Capital Development Project Services


Design and Project Management


23rd August 2017