Rund Partnership | SILENCIO, Shore Road, Sandbanks
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SILENCIO, Shore Road, Sandbanks

Rund Partnership was selected by Titanium Developments Limited as Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Contract Administrator and CDM Co-ordinator, to oversee a high specification new build development in one of Britain’s most desirable seaside locations.

Silencio is a unique and exclusive residential development in Sandbanks, Dorset, designed by award-winning architects Munden Robinson. The project involved the construction of six apartments and one penthouse overlooking Poole Harbour, with unparalleled views across Brownsea Island and the Purbecks.

The developer, Titanium Developments Limited, appointed Rund as they required a high spec, eye-catching building, with a prestigious design to remain in-keeping with the surrounding premium accommodation.

Our scope of work involved managing the contractor on a cost-plus basis, as well as working closely with the architect and engineer to ensure all designs were kept within a tight budget, while still meeting top-quality standards. Shore Road, where Silencio sits, is home to properties exceeding sale costs of £1m – so it was essential the project delivered a high-end product.

A key challenge involved navigating difficult ground conditions, as the site is known for its proximity to sea level height and sand properties. We carried out intricate ground inspections and ensured the construction of a secant piled structure followed strict quality requirements, so it could successfully prevent groundwater leakage into the basement.

We also added value by closely monitoring material costs and bringing everything within budget, such as typically expensive copper cladding.

Silencio is now a highly sought after, multi-million-pound development which demonstrates Titanium’s trademark ‘ultra-contemporary’ design features.


Titanium Developments Limited


Project Manager, Contract Administrator, Quantity Surveyor and CDM Co-ordinator


24th August 2017