Rund Partnership | Royal Albert Hall, London
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Arts and Leisure

Royal Albert Hall, London

Appointed by the Royal Albert Hall, we are working as project managers on a variety of key projects, which are focused on enhancing and emphasising the Hall as a world-class destination.

Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, the world’s leading artists from many performance genres have appeared on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Each year, it hosts close to 400 events in the main auditorium, including some of the most notable events in British culture. Further events, bringing the total number of annual events closer to 1,400, are held beyond the main auditorium.

Working with the Royal Albert Hall’s internal development team, the projects are focused on improving the building and visitor experience, as well as developing new opportunities within the building.

The Hall, a Grade I listed building, is an ellipse in plan, with major and minor axes. Its distinctive design includes the great glass and wrought-iron dome roofing, which stands at 41m high. The Hall was erected for the advancement of the arts and sciences and works of industry of all nations in fulfilment of the intention of Albert, Prince Consort. The great mosaic frieze around the outside of the building depicts “The Triumph of Arts and Sciences”, in reference to the Hall’s dedication in this regard.

Enhancing the Hall, given its historical significance and iconic Grade I Listed status, certainly poses its own distinct challenges. One key challenge is balancing the views and interests of vested stakeholders, such as funders, facility and operational staff, event managers and key visitors. We are managing these stakeholder interests by adopting various work streams, ensuring their views and aspirations are being attentively considered by the project team.

“We are extremely proud to be working on these projects at the Royal Albert Hall, one of the UK’s most treasured and distinctive buildings.” Paul Belfield, Director commented. Ensuring the most effective design solutions is also a key challenge, and Rund’s project managers are working towards solutions that will benefit and serve the needs of the many parties with interests in the building. The programming and scheduling of the works have been critical. Paul continued ”We are deploying various strategies to maintain the operational status of the Hall during the anticipated construction activities, with the least disruption as possible”.


Royal Albert Hall


Project Manager


18th June 2019


Arts and Leisure