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Arts and Leisure

Royal Albert Hall, London

Rund Partnership is proud to be working across a variety of projects as Project Manager for one of the UK’s most iconic venues. The Royal Albert Hall, which is currently closed to the public due to lockdown restrictions, is continuing to progress vital works and upgrades which are focused on enhancing and emphasising the venue as a world-class destination.

Part of our scope of service during this time involves working closely with Westminster City Council and WSP to deliver public realm improvements surrounding the Hall; specifically, pavement and crossing improvements to Kensington Road. Stage 2 design is currently underway with detailed survey and design works taking place, as well as liaison with key stakeholders including Transport for London.

Other current projects include a series of mechanical and electrical upgrades, where we are involved in coordinating works between the Hall and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design consultant, Loop Engineering. These mechanical and electrical systems upgrades include enhancements to CCTV, access control and fire and smoke detection systems.

The Royal Albert Hall, a Grade I Listed building, hosts around 400 events every year in its main auditorium and 1,000 in other spaces. Given the building’s iconic design and status, the refurbishment works call for a significantly high level of care and consideration to conserve its rich heritage as one of the most recognisable cultural attractions in the capital.

Developing the most effective design solutions and delivering quality upgrades is key to ensuring the Hall can continue serving and entertaining millions of visitors when it re-opens its doors.


Royal Albert Hall


Project Manager


18th June 2019


Arts and Leisure