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Rund Partnership is celebrating the completion of Rectory Park – a multi-million-pound regeneration project in Northolt, London for long-term Rund Partnership client Network Homes.
Rectory Park, Northolt, Network Homes, Rund Partnership, Clerk of Works Services, Fire Stopping, Mechanical & Electrical Inspections, Affordable Housing
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Rectory Park, Northolt

Rund Partnership was appointed as Clerk of Works for a multi-million-pound regeneration project in Northolt, London for Network Homes.

Rectory Park is one of many projects Rund has worked on with Network Homes, as part of an ongoing 8-year working relationship. Network Homes commissioned our expertise on Rectory Park specifically for our Clerk of Works and Fire Stopping Inspection services, recognising our commitment to and delivery of consistently high-quality projects within the affordable housing and shared residential sector.

The Rectory Park project forms part of a major regeneration scheme in London, with an overarching aim of meeting demand for better quality, affordable housing. Work on the project began in 2015, with multiple phases put in place to redevelop the existing estate. While some homes have been developed for social housing, others will be offered London Living Rent homes – providing rental units at a subsidised rate for middle-income households, enabling tenants to build up a deposit to ultimately buy their own home.

The completion of Rectory Park has provided more people with the ability to buy or rent a built-for-purpose home in a geographic area of need, allowing individuals and families to stay within their communities rather than being displaced. Each home has been built to exacting standards, providing thousands of people with high-quality, affordable homes for many years to come.


Network Homes


Clerk of Works and Fire Stopping Inspection Services


1st June 2020