Rund Partnership | Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Portsmouth
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Arts and Leisure

Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Portsmouth

Portsmouth City Council commissioned Rund Partnership’s expertise as Project Manager to manage a major redevelopment of Mountbatten Leisure Centre, carried out in collaboration with leading leisure venue operator, BH Live.

The project involved the refurbishment of the entrance, reception, café and multi-use rooms, as well as preparatory work for the installation of a soft play area and the creation of a new state-of-the-art climbing facility. Extensive work was also undertaken to bring the whole venue up to date and improve operational functions, including the installation of self-service kiosks.

The establishment is Portsmouth’s flagship centre and among the best-equipped facilities on the south coast, with a 50-metre pool, 150-station gym, sports hall and outdoor cycle and athletic tracks. Our Project Management expertise was vital to help Portsmouth City Council achieve its objectives of improving the customer experience and encouraging more visitors to the venue.

Our scope of service included working closely with BH Live and the design team to fast-track construction and meet a strict timeframe, while developing different design aspects to perfect the aesthetics and performance of the completed work.

We also added value with in-depth stakeholder management, relaying positive messaging about the benefits of Mountbatten Leisure Centre for the community and building the centre’s reputation among key individuals invested in the centre. Our detailed contract administration methods also ensured the client received value for money, as we conducted a detailed analysis of tenders and financial control of design changes.

Mountbatten Leisure Centre forms part of our growing portfolio of high-scale refurbishment works in the leisure sector. This includes an additional redevelopment project at Littledown Centre in Bournemouth, where we worked with BH Live and Bournemouth Borough Council to enhance its flagship leisure facilities and enable wider community use.


Portsmouth Council/BH Live


Project Manager


10th April 2018


Arts and Leisure