Rund Partnership | Merton Rise, Basingstoke
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Merton Rise, Basingstoke

Rund Partnership has been appointed to provide an Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works service on behalf of Sentinel Housing Association in the development of over 300 homes on this new residential site made up of over 1,000 units.

The homes being developed for Sentinel comprise 196 rented units and 117 shared ownership units. The development is made up of two-storey apartment buildings, comprising one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom houses with associated vehicular and pedestrian access with car parking.

The works have been procured on the basis of a Development Agreement with the developer, Persimmon Homes, who purchased the site which was previously owned by Hampshire County Council.

We have added value by reviewing the proposed specification and drawings at the pre-construction stage to identify potential improvements in the design and specification in order to comply with the client’s employer’s requirements. In addition, the proposed contract sum analysis was reviewed by our in-house Chartered Quantity Surveyors to ensure value for money and to assess the development agreement.


Sentinel Housing Association


Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works


11th September 2017