Rund Partnership | Littledown Centre Gym Extension
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Arts and Leisure

Littledown Centre Gym Extension

Rund Partnership Limited was appointed as Employer’s Agent, Designer, Clerk of Works and CDM Co-ordinator to specify the internal refurbishment and extension of the Littledown Centre gym situated in an award winning, land-mark building in Bournemouth.

The project was designed to meet current and projected demands on this popular leisure centre.  The project was funded by Bournemouth Borough Council and BH Live and forms part of a larger re-investment programme by BH Live.

We were appointed for the initial design from concept to construction, co-ordinating the mechanical, electrical and structural elements of the design, as well as assisting in the resolution of the specialist fitness equipment fit-out.  Rund also added value by providing value engineering following the receipt of the tenders and utilising our in-house multidisciplinary services.

The works were competitively tendered and procured on a traditional basis under a JCT Design and Build Contract 2011.  The works commenced in Autumn 2014 and completed in Summer 2015.


BH Live & Bournemouth Borough Council


Employer’s Agent, Designer, Clerk of Works and CDM Co-ordinator


29th June 2017


Arts and Leisure