Rund Partnership | JP Morgan – Wiltshire Building and JP’s Diner
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JP Morgan – Wiltshire Building and JP’s Diner

Rund Partnership Limited was appointed by JP Morgan and GVA Second London Wall to assist with the design and phasing of works to convert existing void office space and a staff canteen into ‘swing space’ offices. These offices would enable staff relocation whilst other office refurbishment works were undertaken throughout the bank’s Bournemouth headquarters, totalling £16m.

The Wiltshire Building occupied open-plan office space. Rund Partnership redesigned the offices to make them more useable and increase staff capacity which included removing partition walls. As well as ensuring fire escapes were available in suitable locations, we made sure the ratio of staff to fire escapes and WCs were correct or exceeded requirements.

JP’s Diner was an American-style canteen for the staff at JP Morgan. To allow sufficient ‘swing space’ offices for the refurbishment works, the diner had to be completely gutted including the professional kitchen. The redesign included creating new ceilings, carpets and break-out areas.

Since providing the initial design, our team continued their involvement in the project, making regular site inspections to ensure the works were being carried out to the design specification and to deal with any queries and clarifications.


JP Morgan / GVA Second London Wall


Building Surveyor


17th August 2017