Rund Partnership | Huhtamaki, Gosport
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Huhtamaki, Gosport

Rund Partnership was appointed as Designer, Contract Administrator and Principal Designer to increase Huhtamaki’s pre-production material storage and warehousing capacity at their Gosport manufacturing facility.

As the Designer, our commission included the initial design of the warehousing structure and thereafter we managed the contract between the Huhtamaki and building contractor for the construction of the new structure, groundworks and access roads in our role as Contract Administrator.

Huhtamaki appointed Rund Partnership given our knowledge and skill to understand the relevant contractual provisions and how to apply them on this project. They also recognised our in-depth knowledge of construction and the inter-relationship between trades, construction operations and building contracts. We acted in an independent, impartial and fair manner to maintain the critical path to ensure the project’s success.

As the Principal Designer, we also made certain that Huhtamaki adopted an effective approach to safety, compliance and risk management on the expansion of their Gosport manufacturing unit.

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Designer, Contract Administrator and Principal Designer


22nd December 2019