Rund Partnership | Furze Platt, Maidenhead
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Furze Platt, Maidenhead

Housing Solutions appointed Rund Partnership as Employer’s Agent on its Furze Platt project – a development promising a range of new and essential high-quality, affordable housing units for residents in Maidenhead.

The project involved the creation of 11 houses and 21 apartments, with a mix of 15 shared ownership and 17 affordable rented units. Works were procured based on a Development Agreement with Barrett Homes.

Housing Solutions benefitted from our expertise at pre-construction stage, where we were able to identify potential improvements in design and specification. This helped ensure efficient delivery of works which were fully compliant with Housing Quality Indicators (HQI), so quality was consistent throughout.

We also reviewed the Development Agreement between Barrett Homes and Housing Solutions, ensuring all terms were fair and balanced, and interests were protected for both parties.

In addition, our experienced Chartered Quantity Surveyors undertook detailed reviews of the proposed contract sum analysis to ensure Housing Solutions would achieve the best value for money.

The completed development in Furze Platt offers a range of modern, high-quality properties in a highly desirable location. Furze Platt train station is situated nearby, in addition to several amenities including Furze Platt Leisure Centre and various picturesque countryside walking trails.


Housing Solutions


Employer’s Agent


24th August 2017