Rund Partnership | Epping St John’s Church of England School, Essex
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Epping St John’s Church of England School, Essex

Rund Partnership’s Clerk of Works services were chosen by Mitie to ensure high-quality delivery of new fire doors and frames at Epping St John’s Church of England School, following a break-in and subsequent vandalism.

The £18m school was known for its unique design, effortlessly in-keeping with the surrounding countryside and ancient Epping Forest. The building was designed to a high specification with a timber finish, birch cladding, oak doors, and bespoke classroom features.

The school was forced to close following a major burglary only two months after opening, with several expensive devices stolen and multiple fire doors smashed as a result.

Our Clerk of Works service was essential to ensure all fire door replacement works were completed to a high-quality standard, aligning with the building’s existing premium design and features.

Our team utilised their many years of in-house expertise in carpentry and finished joinery to help overcome issues on the initial fitting of the new doors, ensuring all were fully compliant and achieved a high-quality finish.

We spent a significant amount of time on site as the “eyes and ears” for the client, monitoring contractor methods to ensure the works were carried out to sufficient detail.

A key challenge was carrying out the works around a busy school period, as they posed risks of extensive disruption during school hours. To mitigate this, we ensured all works were completed to a strict time schedule, carried out during the week of the secondary school’s holiday period.




Clerk of Works


8th October 2017