Rund Partnership | Dormy Care Home, Ferndown
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Dormy Care Home, Ferndown

Rund Partnership was commissioned as Project Manager, Employer’s Agent, Clerk of Works and CDM Co-ordinator by Pennyfarthing Construction Limited for the construction of a new 75-bed care home.

Dormy Care Home was constructed under a lease agreement between Pennyfarthing Construction Limited and national care home operator Care UK. The agreement set out detailed designs and performance specifications by Care UK. As a result, we had a strict responsibility to satisfy both the client and Care UK with a mutually agreed delivery route and successful end product.

We helped coordinate complex discussions between multiple key stakeholders involved in the project, including the client, contractor, investor, and end-user. A key issue arose when the initial contractor went into administration. We helped overcome this by efficiently facilitating new contractual arrangements, allowing work to progress and complete in line with deadlines.

We also managed and coordinated various feasibility studies on site to take all relevant impacts into account, so we could confidently assure the client and Care UK of the project’s viability.

Our broad service provision on the project also involved multiple elements to ensure works followed high-quality standards, including associated external works, drainage and mains services.


Pennyfarthing Construction Limited


Project Manager, Employer’s Agent, Clerk of Works and CDM Co-ordinator


18th September 2017