Rund Partnership | Brooklands, Phase 1, Milton Keynes
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Brooklands, Phase 1, Milton Keynes

Rund Partnership Limited has been appointed Project Managers on this flagship development for PfP Capital in the heart of Milton Keynes where 2,500 new mixed tenure homes are being built along with three schools, a hotel, commercial spaces, new roads, a busway and 100 acres of parkland.

Brooklands is the result of nearly 10 years of planning by Places for People the award-winning “Placemaking” and regeneration company working with PfP Captial, who take an award-winning and groundbreaking approach to the housing industry.  Places for People are one of the UK’s largest property management, development and regeneration companies and PfP Captial are their new fund manager.

Rund Partnership Limited has been appointed to work as Project Managers and Clerk of Works to ensure the effective delivery of new apartments (a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms) and houses within Brooklands Square which has a build cost of £23 million. Brooklands Square is a vibrant area within the Brooklands development with amenities including landscaped public spaces, a medical centre, a nursery and shops.


PfP Captial


Project Manager


10th April 2018