Rund Partnership | Brighton General Hospital – Children & Families Clinic
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Brighton General Hospital – Children & Families Clinic

Rund Partnership was appointed as Lead Designer, Contract Administrator and CDM Consultant by Sussex Community NHS Trust on various refurbishment works at Brighton General Hospital.

The refurbishment works involved the extension and internal alteration of former operating theatres into new accommodation for the Children & Families Clinic. As well as creating several new rooms, an extension was built to provide a new level access entrance into the building, in compliance with all relevant standards at the time with respect to the Equalities and Human Rights Act.

Our role as Lead Designer saw us involved in works from the beginning, undertaking designs of the scheme from concept through to construction. We also coordinated the mechanical, electrical, and structural elements of the design, ensuring all were fully compliant with strict health and safety requirements.

In addition, we managed the competitive tender and procurement process, which took place on a traditional basis under a JCT Intermediate Form of Contract with a contractor’s design for M&E services.

The extensive refurbishment programme included stripping out former operating theatres and creating clinical rooms, meeting rooms, offices, vaccine storage, medical records storage, WCs, and a staff room/kitchenette.

External improvement works were also carried out to upgrade the appearance and thermal performance of the building. This included the renewal of windows, footpaths, and treatment of external elevations.


Sussex Community NHS Trust


Lead Designer, Contract Administrator, CDM Consultant


23rd August 2017