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Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University commissioned Rund Partnership for a variety of consultancy services to assist in the refurbishment of its Palace Court building in Bayswater, London.

Palace Court includes teaching facilities, as well as accommodation for both students and staff. Located near Hyde Park and Kensington Palace, the building hosts thousands of students each year and had been renovated four times since its purchase in 1977.

Extensive upgrades were required due to multiple issues materialising over time, including outdated facilities, damp, and timber decay.

The project benefitted from our wide-ranging expertise across various roles including Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Clerk of Works and CDM services. This allowed us to have a holistic view of the project, combining our individual expertise within each role to ensure every element of work was carried out in line with high-quality standards.

We assisted Brigham Young University by advising on appropriate remedial works and establishing the scope of work required. We also researched alternative solutions to ensure the most effective routes were determined.

Our expert team members advised on suitable finishing materials across units, particularly across kitchens and washrooms where the state of disrepair was most prominent. We also implemented stringent quality control procedures and conducted regular interim inspections, ensuring all works and finishes were completed to the highest possible standard.


Brigham Young University


Quantity Surveyor, Building Surveyor, CDM Consultant and Clerk of Works


24th August 2017