Rund Partnership | Brick by Brick, Croydon
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Brick by Brick, Croydon

Brick by Brick is a private, independent development company in Croydon with the council acting as sole shareholder. Its aim is to deliver high quality, new, residential-led development on a range of sites across the borough.  They are delivering a housing programme of more than 1,000 new and affordable homes on over 50 sites across the borough.

Rund Partnership is appointed as Clerk of Works to work with Brick by Brick on 10 of these sites.  These sites have been split into 4 packages and form Phase 1 of the 1000 home initiative. Phase 1 provides a total 264 units for public sale and shared ownership.

Each works package has its own design team, consultant management team and cost consultant.

In the future, Phase 2 will consist of 14 sites producing 260 units with Phase 3 providing 380 units across 17 sites.

Every site is different and has a site-specific brief prepared by Brick by Brick.


Brick by Brick


Clerk of Works


19th April 2018