Rund Partnership | Berewood, Waterlooville
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Berewood, Waterlooville

Rund Partnership is acting as Employer’s Agent and technical advisor on behalf of Grainger for this project which is to be split into two phases.

Phase 1 consists of traditional construction mews-style houses and Rund Partnership is completing inspections to ensure the properties are being completed to Grainger’s expectations.

We are also assisting in the defect rectification period in connection with any technical advice that is required. We are noting any discrepancies within the specification and on-site fitted items and are currently in discussion with the Contractor to monitor and resolve these. Meetings are being held monthly with the management team to ensure that any technical issues can be resolved.

Within phase 2, Rund Partnership will be inspecting 100 units, consisting of both houses and apartments. We have carried out a review of the specification and have met with Grainger and the Contractor and amended the specification so that both parties agree on specified fittings and finishings.


Grainger Plc


Employer’s Agent and Technical Advisor


23rd August 2017