Rund Partnership | Training and Personal Development
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Training and Personal Development

Employees are encouraged to enhance their professional development through day-to-day project experience and through structured training.

Enhancing personal and professional development

We are fully committed to maximising the intellectual level and ability of every employee and provide equal opportunities for individuals to enhance their personal and professional development.

Our CPD programmes are key to our growth and development. Our training policy objectives are:

  • provide and monitor equal training and development opportunities
  • ensure every employee is provided IT training to the highest level
  • evaluate training needs to provide progressive benefits
  • out-perform competitors by our positive approach to training
  • ensure every employee receives training in safety, health and environmental issues
  • refine technical skills to provide clients with cost effective performance
  • promote greater understanding of inter-departmental skills and enhance the philosophy of teamwork which is the foundation of the company’s success