Rund Partnership | About Rund
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About Rund

Rund Partnership is a specialist surveying and construction consultancy. From our four regional offices, we offer vast experience in all sectors of the construction industry.

The consultant of choice

To be the consultant of choice, Rund Partnership truly delivers a professional multidisciplinary surveying and construction service across all sectors of the construction industry. Our assurance is that we will exceed your expectations and gain your trust. What sets us apart is our people. Their commitment to working collaboratively with every client delivers exceptional solutions and creates sustainable value. Clients benefit from our technically skilled and knowledgeable teams in delivering projects to the highest standards.

Our vision

To expand our client base and coverage to be the consultant of choice.

Our professional consultancy services are provided from our four regional offices and includes Building Consultancy, Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Clerk of Works, Contract Administration, Site Inspection, Cost Consultancy, Health and Safety and Sustainability.

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